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  • arrow_drop_down Wigan District, 23 February 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    At my auntys work, people began to laugh at her after the brexit and tell her that she will have to pack her bags and leave soon because "they will kick you all out".

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?


  • arrow_drop_down Bournemouth, 01 February 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    Wife (mixed race non UK origin) has been the victim of xenophobic verbal insults on various occasions over the last six months with nearly weekly occurrence at the moment. Elderly woman told her in Tesco that she did not belong 'here' and a week later at Lidl a man told her that she was taking 'English' jobs from 'us'.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Both instances no reaction from other shoppers despite being English in appearance.

  • arrow_drop_down Chelmsford, 27 January 2017

    I am a British Citizen, born to immigrant parents from Japan and raised in the UK all my life. Today at my sixth form college, inside the crowded school cafeteria, I was confronted by about 10-15 ethnically White British boys and about 4 whitewashed Indian/Pakistanis asking me a question. That question was "when will you go home"? I told them that I was born and bred in this country and the UK is home. The boys told me to stop talking nonsense as you are not like "us". They then started yelling racist remarks at me, such as "sort out your little squinty eyes because we all have normal eyes and you don't", "sort out your flat nose", "does your dad work as a fisherman?", "you lot are taking our education system for granted, paying lower prices for everything like free school meals whereas we Brits have to pay the full fare thanks to you lot" and "go home or to some other country where they speak the ching chong kawaii language". Some of the boys even started talking to me in a mock East Asian accent, for example pronouncing "English" as "Eeengreeesh" and "I have little slit eyes" as "I do have reettre sreet eyes" (they were impersonating Asians).
    The boys all started stretching their eyelids and chanting "ching chong kawaii I no speak Engrish!" in a high pitched voice.
    I asked them if you are saying such things like that about me, why not the other non-white children in the school? Why single me out? (even though to say racist remarks to anyone of any race in my view is unacceptable)
    The boys responded by saying "they're English. They all can speak English. You and your family can't." I speak with a RP British accent.
    After a good 10 minutes, a few more boys came in the cafeteria and the whole room started to chant "GO HOME GO HOME GO HOME", with one of them drawing a caricature of me based on my race, with two lines for eyes and a Chinese rice picker hat.

    Also to let you know that one of these boys is in the Debating club at school and when the club had to argue for or against Brexit in assembly in front of the whole school, that same boy said "that the UK should stop importing all the dregs from mainland Europe, especially the Poles".

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Nobody, they were all pretty much laughing at me.

  • arrow_drop_down Durham, 24 January 2017

    I was walking to the bus station behind a drunk white male who was staggering around the street. He was loudly exclaiming phrases such as "Skinheads of England!", "Don't lose the king's colours!", "Nigger lovers!", "Perish them all!" and other disjointed racist slurs against a vatiation of races. A young Asian guy walked towards him and the drunk man leaned towards him and aggressively told him to "Fuck off!".
    I'm ashamed to say I didn't speak up, but kept close to the drunk man, as many of the students I teach shop in that area and I wanted to be around in case they were targetted. I'd like to think that if he became violent i would step in, but who can tell until you're in that situation.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Nobody said a word, just exchanges glances, myself included.

  • arrow_drop_down BRIGHTON, 10 January 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    A clearly drunk middle aged man (50-60) told some young men (early 20s) of middle eastern descent to "go home" because they were "sponging off tax payers".

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    There were several other people on the bus who showed verbal support, one young man in particular calmly and elegantly engaged the man in debate around the logic of the points he was making. When the young men who were abused got off the bus

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