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  • arrow_drop_down London, 25 April 2016 - Verbal abuse / insults

    I was browsing children's books with my one-year old in the children's section of my local Oxfam Bookshop. A man saw me and commented to the shop volunteer: "these bloody remainers, see what happens? the bloody Labour council lets everyone in with their bloody children...why does she have to come here? there's the library for that!"

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    There were several people in the bookshop but no one offered support.

  • arrow_drop_down London, 26 April 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    I was sitting on the bench at the bus stop, looking at my phone. A lady arrived and got upset because (as she saw it) I was slow in offering her a place to sit (which I did). Once seated, she kept telling me "fucking foreigner, why don't you fucking go home...I know your lot, you have no manners, you never say thank you or excuse me, never stand in the line...go home right now, I will buy you a fucking ticket home". To which I replied that my home is here. This incensed her even more, and she told me to "shut up before I hit you over the head", and went on pretty much in the same vein until the bus came. As she got up the bus, she further commented: "And if you think I'm prejudiced, I bloody well am".

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    There where 3 people waiting at the bus stop, but no one offered support. One woman actually grinned in approval at what the lady was saying.

  • arrow_drop_down London Borough of Camden, 23 April 2017 - Other

    I was refused entry to a Camden music venue when the bouncer, on account of the colour of my skin, deemed I was Middle Eastern [Not that it matters, but just for the sake of clarity I'm not] and therefore "suspicious" and "up to something", not wanting to "run risks by letting [me] in".

    He then proceeded to call who I assume to be the manager, who looked at me, said "yeah, you told me about him" and issued me a refund after which the bouncer gave me the dubious excuse that the way I looked at the venue's façade and entrance before and while purchasing the ticket "refusing to look at him squarely in the face" made me look suspicious. When I tried to explain, as courteously as I could, that the reason I gave the building such looks and went for a walk before entering was the worldwide fame of the venue [one of the bands I went to see last night even released a live DVD some years ago called precisely "Live at the Camden [venue]"], and that for me, out-of-towner as I am, it was the first time both at the venue and at that section of London, he retorted with the threat, "this will be your first and last".

    Rather than trying to engage in a row with the security personnel [which would have been counter-productive, proving their point of my allegedly 'up-to-something' demeanour], I stood outside the ticket booth for a while, trying to gauge if anyone else received a similar treatment but no other dark-skinned and/or Middle Eastern-looking people attempted to enter during my time there. Before I left, I heard two of the staffers [other than the ones present when I was refused entry] saying, "he looks alright to me, he's not even Arab [...] anyway he's not coming in, he's already been given a refund".

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Nope, no witnesses

  • arrow_drop_down London, 22 April 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    I was on the DLR travelling and got on at Canary Wharf. A young white girl had just sat down and I sat down opposite her. She then got up and said 'I'm not sitting next to no brown, fuck that shit.'

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    The family next to me were so shocked and offered to say something to her for me - I hadn't heard her say it as I was on my phone but was equally surprised. I believe they may have reported it to the train guard as the group were told to get off the train.

  • arrow_drop_down Aberdeen, 11 October 2016 - Verbal abuse / insults

    Some school kids (3 of them) started shouting and calling me and my daughter refugees and asking us to get out of Scotland. The way the incident started was by me telling them to stop throwing stones at a pub.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    I told them to get a dictionary and to get an education, as they were supposed to be at school at the time. Nobody offered support and my daughter was terrified.

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