Thanks for coming to the iStreetWatch website. We’re a fitness website with one main mission: to give you advice on keeping you active and safe in the streets.

We’re in the process of turning the website into a knowledge base of fighting basics, how you can practice them, and how they can help to keep you fit.

In no part do we condone violence, but when it is unavoidable you may have no other option. The information on this site does not replace that of a qualified professional – you should always get first hand training if you are interested in self defense.

What Type of Information Will You Learn at iStreetWatch?

You will learn a range of different information from various disciplines of martial arts.

This includes (although not limited to):

What we’re giving you is information on the basics. These will cover information on how to do these moves along with exercises that you can follow to keep you in great shape.

As the site expands so will our knowledge base of what we can give you to use.

Why was iStreetWatch created?

Fitness is clearly a huge part of a healthy lifestyle, but so is protecting yourself. We want to create a resource that promotes both getting active and getting streetwise at the same time.

That’s why we’ve created the site. You’ll be getting a combination of fitness tips along with combat basics which can help get you ready for anything physical.

Who is iStreetWatch?

We are a team of fitness enthusiasts that are dedicated to helping you get fighting fit. Our main interests are in martial arts and how they can be used to both defend yourself and keep yourself healthy.

However, these are not the only reasons why we recommend practicing self defense.

Here’s just some of the reasons why we preach it so strongly:

It helps give you self confidence

One of the main challenges with martial arts is that it can be difficult and complicated to master. However, if you stick with it, you’ll find that you’ll experience a great deal of accomplishment after getting the moves right and having them at your disposal.

This confidence shows you what you can achieve. By doing so, this confidence can cross over into your every day life and help in you both the workplace and in your everyday life.

Martial Arts can help you lose weight

The great thing about martial arts is as well as helping you with learning self defense moves, it is also exercise.

This can help you prevent against obesity, heart disease and other weight related. If you train hard and regularly, you’ll start to notice physical differences in your body. You’ll cut down body fat, and have much better stamina and endurance.

There are also other ways, like supplements (thebigsleuth.co.uk) and other means, but we feel that this

It’s perfect for helping you get into great shape.

Training In Martial Arts Helps You To Focus

Another great thing about Martial Arts is that it takes a great level of skill. As we’ve already talked about this is good for building confidence. However, the road to get there is difficult.

You will need a lot of focus to master the moves and get the result you’re looking for. When you’re training hard, it’s not about how strong you are, it’s how focused you can be to execute effective moves.

In doing so, you need to use a lot of patience and focus to get the result you’re hoping for. Again, these skills can transfer into your every day live and help you out a lot when taking on big tasks or challenges.

That’s all for now.