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  • arrow_drop_down Liverpool, 27 December 2016 - Physical assault, Verbal abuse / insults

    A thug who slashed a man’s face with a screw just because he was from Tunisia laughed in the dock as he was sentenced.

    Convicted drug-dealers Connor Gilboy and Connor Wallace set upon Marouane Zammel, 28, after he refused to buy cannabis from them as he walked in the city centre in the early hours of December 27 last year.

    To make matters worse Gilboy, who became Liverpool’s youngest recipient of an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (Asbo) aged 11, also hurled racist abuse at a police officer as he was arrested.

    Gilboy, 21, of Mentmore Crescent, Norris Green, was jailed for 26 months at Liverpool Crown Court today after admitting racially aggravated assault occasioning ABH and racially aggravated harassment.

    Judge Alan Conrad, QC, sentencing, pulled Gilboy up for smirking in the dock and asked: “Do you think it is funny? I certainly don’t.”

    He told the pair: “Mr Zammel was a man going about his business in this city where he was entitled to feel safe. He was attacked by you two, a pair of racist thugs, in a joint attack in the street, at night, when one of you held a screw to his face.

    “The reason for all of that was simply because he said he was from Tunisia. Small wonder as a result he feels unsettled about going out at night and subsequently formed the view that this great and welcoming city is not a place he wants to be.”

    Source: http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/youngest-child-liverpool-asbo-now-13466114.

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  • arrow_drop_down Stevenage, 12 July 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    Nine-year-old boy racially abused by teenagers in Stevenage play park

    At around 1pm on Wednesday, July 12, the boy was in the playground in Featherston Road when a group of four teenagers hurled racist abuse at him from where they were stood outside the playground area. The youths were around 16 years old.

    Herts police hate crime officer Angela Westwood said: “Reports of hate crimes and hate incidents are taken very seriously by the constabulary. This incident caused distress to the boy and others who were in the area at the time. I would like to identify the boys responsible for this incident as they need to understand that it is not acceptable to use this kind of language.”

    Source: http://www.thecomet.net/news/nine-year-old-boy-racially-abused-by-teenagers-in-stevenage-play-park-1-5147511.

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  • arrow_drop_down Sunderland, 07 August 2017 - Damage to property / vandalism

    Police are appealing for information after racist graffiti was sprayed on shop shutters in Sunderland.

    The incident happened overnight Monday, August 7, into Tuesday, August 8, at shops in Woolwich Close in Witherwack.

    Source: https://www.sun-fm.com/news/local/2355027/racist-graffiti-sprayed-on-shop-shutters-in-sunderland/.

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  • arrow_drop_down Telford, 16 September 2016 - Physical assault, Verbal abuse / insults

    Bartosz Milewski was attacked in a town park when he was heard speaking his native language. He was struck in the neck with a broken bottle, leaving him with a large scar.

    Almost 12 months after the attack, three people have been arrested and later released and nobody has been charged. But Mr Milewski has to live with the consequences of his injuries following the stabbing in St Matthews Road, Donnington, on September 16.

    A group objected to Mr Milewski’s native language and a fight broke out. He suffered a gash to his neck and needed 13 stitches at the Princess Royal Hospital. The graduate has lived in England for eight years after moving to the country from Poland when he was 14. Police are treating the attack as a racially aggravated hate crime and investigations continue.

    Mr Mr Milewski does not recall the incident vividly but says he was in the park with his friend for around 30 minutes when the group attacked him for speaking Polish.

    He added: “It’s hard to say if someone will be caught because it’s been a while now since it happened.

    “I get a lot of attention and it’s still following me. At the beginning it affected my lifestyle because I couldn’t move my head for the first few months. And I couldn’t do anything physical.”

    Source: https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/crime/2017/08/08/the-next-person-might-not-be-that-lucky-telford-student-left-scarred-after-being-stabbed-by-gang-speaks-about-ordeal/#vSdKTL1ObsgrUBiw.99.

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  • arrow_drop_down Chester, 19 March 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    Mark Winstanley, 36, angrily shouted "you're a f*** ing dead man, I'm going to f*** you up, you n******" after arguing over how many minutes he'd left his car.

    In footage of the racist rant, captured on the victim's body camera, Winstanley can be heard calling the warden a "black t***" and a "f***ing n*****".

    Winstanley, of Chester, was about to have a parking ticket placed on his black BMW after spending six minutes parked on double yellow lines while he 'went to Sainsbury's and the bookies'.

    But the mouthy motorist stopped the warden from giving him a ticket, screaming at him and accusing him of being a liar before threatening to "f*** him up" and getting in his car to speed off.

    Winstanley said: "So I'm allowed five minutes, I've been here for six minutes so you waited one minute. Well I'm off. Okay you black t***.

    "You're a f*** ing dead man, I'm going to f*** you up, you n******. I will be back round in a minute. You watch you're f***ing self."

    Not content with one outburst, Winstanley came back to the scene a short time later and subjected the warden to a second onslaught of insults.

    When he returned Winstanley said: "You f***ing liar, I weren't here for more than five minutes.

    "I'm going to appeal this anyway. F***ing n****r."

    After the verbal attack, Winstanley was traced by police and was arrested when he attended Blacon police station.

    Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/youre-fing-dead-man-bmw-10966189.

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