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  • arrow_drop_down Blackburn, 17 August 2017 - Physical assault, Verbal abuse / insults

    A RACIST attack on a taxi driver has been described as ‘despicable and unprovoked’ by police.

    Cab driver Jangeer Ahmed, 50, was filmed holding off several attackers as passersby tried to intervene in Blackburn's Witton Park.

    Footage shows two female joggers bravely attempting to intervene but they had to retreat, while one woman can be heard frantically calling the police to report that an Asian cab driver was being attacked.

    The suspect assaulting the driver shouted racist abuse and then urged others to attack the cabbie who manages to fight back, the video appeared to show.

    Source: http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/darwen/15485756.Police_slam_racist_attack_on_a_taxi_driver_as___39_despicable_and_unprovoked__39_/.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Mr Ahmed, who had driven to the park to use its gym, said the group were ‘really aggressive’ and surrounded his black cab.

    He said: “The two ladies stepped in to diffuse the situation but these guys kept coming forward.

    “I would like to thank them and there were others who could see what was going on and were trying to calm things down.”

  • arrow_drop_down Dawlish, 01 August 2017 - Physical assault

    Please see this article http://www.dawlishnewspapers.co.uk/article.cfm?id=104488&headline=Man%20attacked%20with%20iron%20bar%20in%20%27horrible%27%20hate%20crime&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2017

    POLICE are appealing for witnesses after a man was attacked in broad daylight in what is believed to be a hate crime.

    The victim – in his 40s and of Middle Eastern appearance – was set upon by two men who punched and hit him with an iron bar in Dawlish last month.

    The horrific attack took place on the junction of John Nash Drive and Oak Hill on Wednesday, July 19, between 1pm and 1.15pm.

    A police spokesman said: ’It is alleged that one offender got out of a vehicle and started to punch the victim in the face.

    ’The other offender then took an iron bar from the vehicle and started hitting the victim with it.

    ’We believe this was because of the victim’s appearance and loose-speaking English.'

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    I believe people in houses nearby heard and raised alarm.

  • arrow_drop_down Newcastle upon Tyne, 05 July 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    CCTV appeal after racist abuse hurled at woman waiting for a train at Fawdon Metro station

    The 41-year-old woman was waiting at Fawdon Metro Station at about 9.55pm on July 5, near a group of men waiting for the same train.

    The three men began verbally abusing her, including racial abuse being shouted by one of the culprits.

    Officers investigating the hate crime have now released a CCTV image of a person they believe might hold vital information about the incident.

    Source: http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/cctv-appeal-after-racist-abuse-13493434.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Not specified.

  • arrow_drop_down Bristol, 12 August 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults, Threats / intimidation

    The owner of a Bristol nail salon has been caught on camera telling a customer to “f**k off” repeatedly after she tried to complain. The man can be seen shouting obscenities at her in front of her child and giving her the finger.

    Jenifar Khan and her husband Yasir went into Star Nails in Horsefair, Broadmead, with their 20-month-old daughter Ariana, on Saturday August 12 so Jenifar could complain about a poor-quality French manicure she had got there two days previously.

    She said: “I politely explained what the issue was and asked if they would kindly do something about it.”

    But rather than apologise or offer her a refund, Jenifar says owner Quang Van Tong launched into a torrent of abuse, brandishing his fist at her husband and making obscene gestures.

    She said the man turned his back on her and her husband and started eating his food. Jenifar’s husband got his phone out to film her nails and the shop and the owner started shouting obscenities at the couple in front of their baby.

    “The man started shouting at the top of his voice in our faces, telling us to f**k off and f**k you constantly, as well as putting his fist near our faces - even though my 20-month-old daughter was right next to us witnessing this.”

    “There were also racist remarks made about Indians as he assumed that was our ethnicity.

    "Not once were we rude or violent because we clearly know what acceptable behaviour is, unlike them.”

    Jenifar, who is of Bangladeshi heritage, said the experience left her upset and scared. She called the police while still in the shop.

    “It left me feeling very upset and it scared and upset my child. I can’t believe he would shout and swear like that in front of my daughter.”

    Jenifar put the video and her experiences online in a Facebook post which was shared over 6,000 times on social media.

    Many of the comments come from women saying they have had similar experiences at the shop but Jenifer has also received racist abuse and threats telling her to stay out of the town centre.

    She said: “I’m frightened if they're saying I can’t go into town.”

    Source: http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/bristol-news/watch-nail-salon-owners-foul-335074.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    The woman’s husband filmed the owner's foul-mouthed rant on his phone and the video has been watched over 500,000 times on social media.

  • arrow_drop_down Glasgow, 06 August 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    Football fans hurl racist abuse at passengers on train.

    The incident involved eight men who were on a train from Glasgow Queen Street to watch Aberdeen v Hamilton.

    They chanted racial and religious hate songs before leaving the 10.45am service at Aberdeen.

    Source: https://stv.tv/news/north/1395806-football-fans-hurl-racist-abuse-at-passengers-on-train/.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Concerned passengers contacted police after the men became abusive and threatening towards people on Sunday, August 6.

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