Boxer Push-Up Routine

When it comes to boxing, one of the best training routines that you can do anywhere are push-ups (press ups).

One of the main reasons they work so well is because of how well it works out your upper-body. Some people base their whole routine around push-ups. Rolf Heck, a German push-up enthusiast has the record for push-ups having achieved 2,354 push-ups in an hour.

The US Marine Corps also expect their applicants to be able to perform 82 push-ups in one go.

So why are push-ups so good, and how can they help you with boxing? Let’s find out…

What Muscles does a Push-Up Work?

Push-Ups are great for working the muscles in your upper body. Here’s what gets trained during a push-up:

  • Pectorals (Chest Muscles)
  • Deltoids (Shoulders)
  • Triceps (Back of your Arms)
  • Abdominals (Stomach Muscles)
  • Serratus Anterior (Armpit Muscles)

As you can see, it works a lot of the muscles in your upper body.

How to do it:

This is our brief guide on how to perform a push-up:

1. Get down on the ground

On your knees, learn forwards and put your hands out about shoulder-width apart. Your thumbs should be in-line with the middle of your chest.

Your hands should be flat on the ground and straight out in front of you.

2. Move from your knees to your toes

Shift your weight that your putting on your knees, straighten out your legs and move that weight on to your toes.

You need to find the most comfortable position for your feet. Some people enjoy it shoulder-width apart, of others it may be closer.

3. Keep your back straight

Now you want to keep your back straight. All of your body want to be in alignment here. The only movement you will be happening in this exercise is your arms.

4. Push!

Now we begin the exercise. All your need to do is bend your elbows in and to the sides of your torso and get low to the ground. Your nose wants to be just off the floor.

Then straighten your arms and push yourself back up.

5. Repeat.

That’s one push-up done, now push for more.

Boxing Push-Up Routine

This is a short push-up routine for boxing that you can use to help with both your explosive power and stamina.

  • First: 3 x 20 Plyometric push-ups
  • Then: 3 x 10 Wide grip push-ups
  • And finally: 3 x 10 close grip push-ups

If you’re not aware, Plyometric Push-Ups are when you use such force that you throw your upper body off the ground. While you’re in mid-air you clap and then burst into another push-up.

Here’s a quick video on how to do it:

It’s a very explosive exercise.

How do Push-Ups help Boxing?

There are several reasons why push-ups are good for boxing, however it really boils down to two reasons: stamina and explosive power.


One of the main things that you will need during a fight is power. Specifically, explosive power. You need to be able to bust out really strong punches, right when you need it.

This is where the plyometric push-ups come into play. By doing these push-ups you get used to throwing a big portion of your body weight off the ground.

By building this type of power is what can help you to deliver those strong punches that can knock an opponent out.


This is the other reasons why push-ups are great for boxing: they build stamina. Think about how many rounds a typical boxing match goes on for – 12 rounds is a long period of time for you to keep punching for.

Push-Ups are great for building endurance to help you do this kind of thing. You can measure how many push-ups you do. It’s easy to find your limit, and from there, it’s easy for you to set a target that you can beat.

A strong amount of endurance is a very valuable tool in the world of boxing.


Push-Ups are a traditional form of exercising, and one that has never really gone away. That’s because they’re quick, easy and they work.

You can do them in numerous ways, all of which can help your upper body with different benefits. For boxing, push-ups are great for boosting your overall power and endurance to allow you to deliver your best in the ring.