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  • arrow_drop_down Oxford, 23 November 2017 - Other

    Seven of my friends and I had vouchers to get a drink in Hollywood Bowl in Oxford. We went to get the drinks and the waitress asked for proof of identity. None of us is english/british and we all had the IDs but not the passport. The waitress refused to accept those as proof of identity and also our driving licenses because and I quote ‘it has a european logo but not a british one’. I requested to talk to the manager but unfortunately she shared the same opinion. Our national IDs were not a rightful proof of identity because they did not have the official british logo. I can’t express enough the frustation I felt and all my friends the same. Not because of the drink that we didn’t get, but because the feeling of rejection, that people didn’t want us there.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    They were very rude in rejecting us, no hint of understanding

  • arrow_drop_down London, 05 November 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults, Threats / intimidation

    A group of young girls between 11-14 years old used racist and discriminatory words to another person and to me in the bus.
    At the beginning they were playing music so loud and it was so disturbing for everyone. After 20 minutes, someone asked them to stop the music, and their reaction was extremely rude and inappropriate. some of the things that one of the girls said were:
    -"I have more right to be in this bus because I born here"
    -"You don't even speak English well to speak with me "
    -" fucking skinny and white ginger"

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    I spoke with the driver, twice but he didn't do anything about it.

  • arrow_drop_down Aylesford, 27 October 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults, Threats / intimidation

    I was fired from my job because I spoke my country language.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?


  • arrow_drop_down Oxford, 21 October 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    At Debenhams, Oxford, I asked for a VAT receipt as my purchase was VAT-liable, and it was for the small business work for. I was told that the company policy was that such a receipt could only be given for transactions above 50 pounds (which seems completely unlawful, by the way). When I insisted, the manager told me to ask for one at the airport. I have been living in Oxford for 5 years now, and this comment was only to imply that I am a foreigner who was bound to go back where she came from eventually. I find this attitude despicable, and I will take this case further.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?


  • arrow_drop_down London, 16 October 2017 - Other

    A caucasian student was using stereotypes to offend my black friend and I. This leaded to a heated argument between the white teaching staff members, the student being offensive and myself and my friend who are black. This was not a physical altercation. Just verbal. 2 days later we were excluded from the University for arguing that what she had said was offensive to us.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    The staff members were extremely unsupportive. Out of my whole educational experience, this is by far the least support I have ever received from Tutors. Institutional racism is embedded in this College, the tutors told us to "tone down your personality to blend in with others". When we made a complaint about racism in the second week of University. We are a minority of about under 10 to 100 caucasians. We are disregarded in the classroom, treated differently from everybody else. It has been an incredibly sad experience in the heart of London

  • arrow_drop_down Chichester, 05 October 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    Today, the 5th of October 2017, at a pharmacy in Chichester, around 6.00pm, one of the Pharmacy Technicians displayed what can only be described as an unacceptable xenophobic behaviour. The first words uttered by the technician in question were an unmentionable insult which was then subsequently followed by a dismissive: “How can I help?”. This is absolutely unacceptable and severely damaging to the image of the Pharmacy in question. I was informed by staff that it is not the first time that an incident like this has happened with the same member of staff. Therefore I anticipate that the pharmacy is quite aware that this is happening, i.e. they are aware that a member of their staff displays racist behaviours and as such the pharmacy endorses this type of behaviour by not doing anything. I believe that an apology is due and I look forward to hearing it from the Management Team at this Pharmacy in Chichester.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    No one.

  • arrow_drop_down Weston-super-Mare , 27 September 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults, Threats / intimidation

    I identify as romani gypsy. I experienced a particularly nasty racial incident in which ten college students sang racial abuse about me sleeping with my sister you inbred cunt.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    My friend and fellow romani gypsy

  • arrow_drop_down Highcliffe, 26 September 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    A woman was left shaken and upset after being racially abused in Highcliffe this week.

    Police are investigating the incident in Highcliffe and appealing for information from the public.

    It happened between 9.30pm and 9.45pm on Tuesday.

    A spokesperson for Dorset Police said a woman was walking along Lymington Road, close to the Co-op store, when a small silver car containing a number of men, stopped on the opposite side of the road.

    The driver wound down the window, shouted repeated racial abuse at her and drove away.

    The offender is described as white, aged around 20 years old, with brown or ginger hair and a round face.

    The victim – a woman aged in her 20s from the Hatfield area of Hertfordshire – was not physically injured.

    Source: http://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/15563407.Hunt_for_driver_who_shouted_racist_abuse_at_woman_before_driving_off/.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Not specified.

  • arrow_drop_down Southport, 24 September 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    Horrifying footage has captured a woman launching a foul-mouthed racist tirade at workers in a kebab shop.

    CCTV from the Medo Kebab House in Southport, Merseyside, recorded the woman telling workers, 'remember he's in my country, not his' as she was handed her food.

    In the video, she can be heard shouting a racial slur into the shop from the doorway, as a staff member replies: 'it's your country - no need to be racist.'

    She can be seen using an electronic cigarette as she stands at the counter.

    Cihan Erdogan, 42, owns Medo Kebab House and moved to the UK some 23 years ago from Turkey.

    Mr Erdogan, who was working behind the counter, told the Liverpool Echo: 'She tried to grab something behind the till, a piece of paper or a pen, and I told her not to.

    'We said "please just ask us, we can give you whatever you want" and she was saying, "This is my own country - this is mine, you are foreign, you can't say that to me".'

    Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4914602/Woman-launches-racist-tirade-takeaway-staff.html#ixzz4ttcPOT7m.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Not specified.

  • arrow_drop_down Newry, 24 September 2017 - Damage to property / vandalism

    A south Armagh mother has said she is "scarred for life" after racists scrawled graffiti at her family home.

    Briege Roe discovered racist abuse sprayed on the garden wall of her home at Tievecrom Road, Forkhill, on Sunday morning.

    She believes the graffiti was targeted at her son, Patrick, a young actor, who has been bullied in the past.

    His mother was shocked when she discovered the words sprayed on two white walls at the bottom of her driveway.

    "It's an attack on my son," she said.

    "I actually had to hold on to the wall, I just couldn't breathe, I felt like someone put a knife through my heart," she said.

    "I stood there for a good 20 to 30 minutes before I knew what to do or where to go and then I rang the police."

    Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-41400503.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?


  • arrow_drop_down Altrincham, 24 September 2017 - Physical assault

    A man has been stabbed outside a mosque in Greater Manchester in an incident that police are treating as a hate crime.

    The victim, named locally as Dr Nasser Kurdy, an orthopaedic surgeon and imam, was reportedly arriving at the Altrincham Islamic centre, Grove Lane, for evening prayers at 6pm when someone stabbed him in the neck from behind.

    A friend of the victim told the Manchester Evening News that he had suffered a non-critical 3cm stab wound which required stitches.

    Source: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/sep/24/stabbing-surgeon-outside-manchester-mosque-treated-hate.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    A video posted on Facebook purportedly shows the victim immediately after the attack.

    A man is filmed sitting on a bench clutching at his neck and appears to be in some pain as people attend to him. The footage shows them asking him about his attacker.

  • arrow_drop_down Belfast, 23 September 2017 - Damage to property / vandalism

    Anti-Muslim and racist graffiti has been daubed on an east Belfast community centre.

    A pig’s head was also placed against the shutters of the Inverary Community Centre in the early hours of Saturday.

    Source: http://www.itv.com/news/utv/2017-09-24/racist-graffiti-daubed-on-east-belfast-community-centre/.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?


  • arrow_drop_down Inverness, 23 September 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults, Damage to property / vandalism

    An Italian businessman says a gang of youths caused damage to his cafe in Inverness and racially abused him and his staff.

    Andrea Miola runs Buonissimo in the city's High Street.

    On Saturday, tables and chairs outside his cafe were thrown and he and a member of his staff were verbally abused.

    The group returned on Sunday and were involved in similar offensive behaviour.

    Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-41387184.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Not specified.

  • arrow_drop_down Much Wenlock, 21 September 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    Racist graffiti spotted in Much Wenlock

    References to racist groups have been seen on a bench near the town's windmill.

    Source: https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/crime/2017/09/28/racist-graffiti-spotted-in-much-wenlock/#sO5JHa3iGqtQ15He.99.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Last week, a member of the public walking in Much Wenlock called the police to report that graffiti had been sprayed onto a bench and the wooden door of the windmill on the hill by Shadwell Quarry.

  • arrow_drop_down Bridgwater, 20 September 2017 - Damage to property / vandalism

    A swastika has been painted on a fence in Bridgwater.

    Source: http://www.somersetlive.co.uk/news/somerset-news/police-investigating-hate-crime-bridgwater-509304.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Police are investigating it as a hate crime.

  • arrow_drop_down Luton, 18 September 2017 - Physical assault, Verbal abuse / insults

    A TEEN boy was subjected to a racial assault in Luton after two men jumped out of a taxi and threatened him with a knife.

    The incident took place on New Bedford Road, in Luton, near the junction of Austin Road, at 4.30pm on Monday (September 18) as the victim was walking with friends.

    Two men got out of a taxi, assaulted the victim and threatened him and his friends with a knife while racially abusing him.

    Hate Crime Sergeant James Hart said: "The victim suffered bruising and was very shaken by the incident."

    Source: http://www.bedfordshire-news.co.uk/police-investigating-hate-crime-after-young-men-racially-abused-and-threatened-with-a-knife-in-luton/story-30517823-detail/story.html#WOtYlCIKSPkUEsmf.99.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Not specified.

  • arrow_drop_down Canterbury, 15 September 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    A French women was told to go back to Frogland. She said “Since the referendum, unfortunately, there has been a minority who see a platform to voice their opinions against foreigners … discrimination has left me with no option but to move back to France after eight years in England, leaving my daughter and British-born granddaughter, aged five, behind.”

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Her story was reported in Kent online

  • arrow_drop_down Bristol, 15 September 2017 - Physical assault, Verbal abuse / insults

    A young girl has been left scared to go out alone after she was hit in the face by a rock in a racially aggravated attack.

    Police have described the assault, that happened between 8am and 8.30am on Friday, September 15 in Hollywood Road, Brislington, as “particularly shocking” and are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

    The victim said she heard male and female voices before the rock was thrown, striking her in the face.

    Police are treating the attack as racially aggravated because of the words used by the offenders.

    Source: https://www.bristol247.com/news-and-features/news/young-girl-targeted-shocking-racist-attack-brislington/.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Not specified.

  • arrow_drop_down Edinburgh, 06 September 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    It was around 3.40 pm I was driving towards the Corstorphine roundabout in Edinburgh. I was returning from a long day at college. There was a lot of traffic on the way back home and I was in my lane. I noticed a white van coming onto my car, into my lane without indicating and I horned to warn him and make aware of what he was doing. It was a white middle aged man and his car registration (which I memorised till I got home) is **** ***. The man looked at me and began shouting and swearing. Amongst all this shouting I heard him very clearly shout out at me "Fuck your colour". I panicked so badly thinking he was going to hit my car but I remained calm. I already suffer badly from mental health problems. This experience has definitely made my health problems worst. I'm a young Muslim women that wears the hijab and this guy is definitely racist and hostile towards people that look different. It is evident from his words and behaviour.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    No one but it was on a busy intersection.

  • arrow_drop_down London, 04 September 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    A journalist who was criticised just because she was wearing a headscarf while presenting the news said she was today racially abused by a '12-year-old'.

    Channel 4 News correspondent Fatima Manji said the youngster hurled a sickening racial jibe at her as she walked home from work today.

    Reporting the incident on Twitter, Ms Manji, who became Britain's first hijab-wearing TV newsreader in March 2016, wrote: 'Racially abused by what looked like a 12 year old in central London - "you f****** P***".

    When the award-winning journalist responded 'Excuse me?' to the slur, the boy repeated: 'I said you f****** P***'.

    She later added: 'I had tears in my eyes. So much hatred, so young. And yet there is no real recourse.

    'Racism is taught and learned. And it appears to be being taught and learned at the greatest rate in the UK since my childhood.'

    Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4852054/Boy-12-hurled-racist-abuse-Channel-4-journalist.html#ixzz4rufS1BWL.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Not specified.

  • arrow_drop_down Leicester, 04 September 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    A woman was caught on camera screaming vile, racist abuse at two horrified taxi drivers who were parked in a city centre street.

    One taxi driver recorded her shocking tirade of abuse as she screamed for them to "go back to their own country".

    The clip, filmed in Leicester, begins with the woman, wearing a dress and swinging a handbag, screaming: "You are lucky. You are in our country."

    After the taxi driver asks her why she thinks they are not already in their own country, the woman aggressively hurls yet more abuse towards the men.

    She shouts: "You shouldn't be here. Why are you not in your own f*****g country and f*****g breed.

    "Why are you causing all this trouble. You all do it. You're all racist. Stay in your own country."

    Manny Hayre, who posted the video online, said his cousin, one of the taxi drivers, was very upset by the abuse he received on Monday.

    Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/woman-screams-vile-racist-abuse-11123320.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    After aiming her vitriolic abuse towards the cab drivers she then turns on a passer-by who attempts to confront her about her sickening views, reports the Leicester Mercury .

    She then begins repeatedly swearing and calling the man a "dirty tramp".

  • arrow_drop_down Huntingdon, 03 September 2017 - Damage to property / vandalism

    Vandals have daubed offensive anti-Polish graffiti on a wall in Cambridgeshire.

    The thugs wrote 'F*** off u Polish scum' on the wall near Armstrong Court and Thames Road in Huntingdon.

    A message which appeared next to the original reads 'speak Polish or die'.

    It is unclear whether the second message was scrawled in retaliation to the first message, or was graffitied by the same people.

    Source: http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/local-news/huntingdon-cambridgeshire-polish-die-vandalism-13568612.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?


  • arrow_drop_down Dewsbury, 01 September 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    A woman has allegedly been filmed shouting racist abuse to a group of Muslims from her car.

    A video showed the female passenger screaming at several Asian men, while driving outside Dewsbury Cemetery, in West Yorkshire.

    She appeared to shout: ‘F*** off you British, f****** P***.’

    The men seemed like they were trying to ignore her but she continued her apparent diatribe, adding: ‘F****** black b*******’.

    The group then clapped and made hand gestures in her face and this set her off even more.

    Source: http://metro.co.uk/2017/09/02/woman-shouts-racist-abuse-at-muslims-from-her-car-window-6897721/#ixzz4ruie2cRR.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    The incident was filmed.

  • arrow_drop_down Saint Helens, 31 August 2017 - Physical assault, Verbal abuse / insults

    A woman punched and bit a mum in a racist attack while her victim’s four-year-old son watched on in horror.

    Michaela Grellnethove was confronted by Victoria Davies and a 15-year-old girl when walking her child to school.

    Liverpool Crown Court heard Davies, 35, called her Slovakian next-door neighbour “a f***ing foreigner” and a “rat”.

    The girl pulled the victim’s hair, pushed her over then kicked and stamped on her, while Davies repeatedly punched her.

    The crying boy screamed as Davies yelled at his mum: “I will f***ing kill you – I will do this every time I see you.”

    She called Miss Grellnethov “a f***ing foreigner” and claimed her boyfriend, Adrian Tomcik, earlier attacked her mum Pauline.

    Shortly after the attack – caught on CCTV – Tomcik arrived and assaulted Pauline Davies. Police then arrested him, Davies and the teenager.

    Ms Grellnethove was treated for lumps to her head, sore ribs, grazed knees and bruising to her hand from the bite.

    Miss Grellnethov told the court she felt “terrorised” and her traumatised son still talked about the attack.

    The mum-of-two said her family had since moved home and she quit her job in the area out of fear.

    Source: http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/woman-punched-bit-mum-during-13556282.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Two passing paramedics rushed to the victim’s aid, but not before Davies had sunk her teeth into her left hand.

  • arrow_drop_down Bradford, 28 August 2017 - Other

    A HATE-crime investigation has been launched and there will be additional police patrols after "offensive literature" was distributed in a residential area of Manningham.

    The Islamophobic leaflets were posted in Hanover Square, and West Yorkshire Police have now started a thorough investigation into what they have described as a "despicable" crime.

    A racial justice charity has called for calm heads, and asked for both Bradford Council and the police to to take the issue seriously.

    A police spokesman said: “West Yorkshire Police have commenced an investigation following reports of offensive literature being circulated in the Hanover Square area.

    “The incident is being treated as a hate crime and being taken extremely seriously."

    Source: http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/15499604.Hate_crime_investigation_after___39_despicable__39__literature_posted_in_residential_street/.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Not specified.

  • arrow_drop_down Bath, Reading, London , 28 August 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    On the train from Bath Spa to London Paddington. A woman got on the train from Bath Spa, same as us, has been hostile to us (a Chinese couple with a young boy), when we got off at Reading, our boy ran quickly as he is young and has autism, my husband chased him and asked him to stop anxiously. This woman laughed with her woman companion and said "Chinese people" in a derogatory way.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?


  • arrow_drop_down Glasgow, 27 August 2017 - Physical assault, Verbal abuse / insults

    Man pushed onto train tracks in 'racist attack' at station

    The victim, who is Asian, was allegedly assaulted again after getting back on platform.

    A man was shoved onto rail tracks after being racially abused at a train station in Glasgow.

    He was pushed between a train and the platform at Anniesland station around 6.15pm on Sunday.

    British Transport Police (BTP) said officers were looking for a group of two men and one woman.

    After getting back onto the platform, the victim, who is Asian, was then allegedly assaulted and racially abused by a separate man.

    Source: https://stv.tv/news/west-central/1396564-man-pushed-on-to-train-tracks-following-racist-abuse/.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Not specified.

  • arrow_drop_down London, 24 August 2017 - Other

    Kelly Services, a recruitment agency advertised for a customer services job for British passport holders only.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    the 3million and other activists

  • arrow_drop_down Newtownards, 23 August 2017 - Damage to property / vandalism

    A pig's head has been placed on the doorstep of an Islamic centre of worship in Newtownards.

    Grafitti was also sprayed on the building at around 11.15pm last night.

    The PSNI say more hate graffitti was sprayed on a property in Castle Street at around 1am, and both incidents are being linked and treated as hate crimes.

    Chief Inspector Hazel Reid said: "At approximately 11:15pm last night it was reported to police that a pig’s head had been placed on the doorstep and graffiti painted on a wall of a building.

    "Shortly after 1am, it was reported that graffiti had also been painted on the wall of a building in the Castle Street area. Both these incidents are being treated as hate crimes."

    Source: http://www.goqradio.com/news/q-radio-local-news/pigs-head-left-at-islamic-worship-centre-in-newtownards-hate-crime/.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Not specified.

  • arrow_drop_down Birmingham, 22 August 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    Shocking footage has emerged of an angry motorist calling a courier a 'f*****g immigrant' during a confrontation.

    The incident was caught on the delivery driver's helmet camera after he confronted the man about stopping in the middle of the road at New Street Station, Birmingham.

    The man, who asked not to be named, said that the motorist had stopped his car in the road after thinking there was a pedestrian crossing ahead.

    According to the delivery driver, being called an immigrant was the last thing he expected to be called.

    He said: 'I come across a lot of situations on a daily basis, but I wasn't expecting this.

    'I am foreign but I've lived in the UK for so long, nearly ten years, and I wasn't expecting that kind of reaction.'

    He added: 'We live in a country with so many different cultures and there are still people living in the stone age. He should be used to it.

    'I lived in America for 17 years and never had someone call me that.'

    Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4814320/Road-rage-driver-hurls-racist-abuse-Deliveroo-courier.html#ixzz4qaliIqg9.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    The victim filmed the incident.

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