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  • arrow_drop_down Edinburgh, 06 September 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    It was around 3.40 pm I was driving towards the Corstorphine roundabout in Edinburgh. I was returning from a long day at college. There was a lot of traffic on the way back home and I was in my lane. I noticed a white van coming onto my car, into my lane without indicating and I horned to warn him and make aware of what he was doing. It was a white middle aged man and his car registration (which I memorised till I got home) is **** ***. The man looked at me and began shouting and swearing. Amongst all this shouting I heard him very clearly shout out at me "Fuck your colour". I panicked so badly thinking he was going to hit my car but I remained calm. I already suffer badly from mental health problems. This experience has definitely made my health problems worst. I'm a young Muslim women that wears the hijab and this guy is definitely racist and hostile towards people that look different. It is evident from his words and behaviour.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    No one but it was on a busy intersection.

  • arrow_drop_down London, 04 September 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    A journalist who was criticised just because she was wearing a headscarf while presenting the news said she was today racially abused by a '12-year-old'.

    Channel 4 News correspondent Fatima Manji said the youngster hurled a sickening racial jibe at her as she walked home from work today.

    Reporting the incident on Twitter, Ms Manji, who became Britain's first hijab-wearing TV newsreader in March 2016, wrote: 'Racially abused by what looked like a 12 year old in central London - "you f****** P***".

    When the award-winning journalist responded 'Excuse me?' to the slur, the boy repeated: 'I said you f****** P***'.

    She later added: 'I had tears in my eyes. So much hatred, so young. And yet there is no real recourse.

    'Racism is taught and learned. And it appears to be being taught and learned at the greatest rate in the UK since my childhood.'

    Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4852054/Boy-12-hurled-racist-abuse-Channel-4-journalist.html#ixzz4rufS1BWL.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Not specified.

  • arrow_drop_down Leicester, 04 September 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    A woman was caught on camera screaming vile, racist abuse at two horrified taxi drivers who were parked in a city centre street.

    One taxi driver recorded her shocking tirade of abuse as she screamed for them to "go back to their own country".

    The clip, filmed in Leicester, begins with the woman, wearing a dress and swinging a handbag, screaming: "You are lucky. You are in our country."

    After the taxi driver asks her why she thinks they are not already in their own country, the woman aggressively hurls yet more abuse towards the men.

    She shouts: "You shouldn't be here. Why are you not in your own f*****g country and f*****g breed.

    "Why are you causing all this trouble. You all do it. You're all racist. Stay in your own country."

    Manny Hayre, who posted the video online, said his cousin, one of the taxi drivers, was very upset by the abuse he received on Monday.

    Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/woman-screams-vile-racist-abuse-11123320.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    After aiming her vitriolic abuse towards the cab drivers she then turns on a passer-by who attempts to confront her about her sickening views, reports the Leicester Mercury .

    She then begins repeatedly swearing and calling the man a "dirty tramp".

  • arrow_drop_down Dewsbury, 01 September 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    A woman has allegedly been filmed shouting racist abuse to a group of Muslims from her car.

    A video showed the female passenger screaming at several Asian men, while driving outside Dewsbury Cemetery, in West Yorkshire.

    She appeared to shout: ‘F*** off you British, f****** P***.’

    The men seemed like they were trying to ignore her but she continued her apparent diatribe, adding: ‘F****** black b*******’.

    The group then clapped and made hand gestures in her face and this set her off even more.

    Source: http://metro.co.uk/2017/09/02/woman-shouts-racist-abuse-at-muslims-from-her-car-window-6897721/#ixzz4ruie2cRR.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    The incident was filmed.

  • arrow_drop_down Saint Helens, 31 August 2017 - Physical assault, Verbal abuse / insults

    A woman punched and bit a mum in a racist attack while her victim’s four-year-old son watched on in horror.

    Michaela Grellnethove was confronted by Victoria Davies and a 15-year-old girl when walking her child to school.

    Liverpool Crown Court heard Davies, 35, called her Slovakian next-door neighbour “a f***ing foreigner” and a “rat”.

    The girl pulled the victim’s hair, pushed her over then kicked and stamped on her, while Davies repeatedly punched her.

    The crying boy screamed as Davies yelled at his mum: “I will f***ing kill you – I will do this every time I see you.”

    She called Miss Grellnethov “a f***ing foreigner” and claimed her boyfriend, Adrian Tomcik, earlier attacked her mum Pauline.

    Shortly after the attack – caught on CCTV – Tomcik arrived and assaulted Pauline Davies. Police then arrested him, Davies and the teenager.

    Ms Grellnethove was treated for lumps to her head, sore ribs, grazed knees and bruising to her hand from the bite.

    Miss Grellnethov told the court she felt “terrorised” and her traumatised son still talked about the attack.

    The mum-of-two said her family had since moved home and she quit her job in the area out of fear.

    Source: http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/woman-punched-bit-mum-during-13556282.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Two passing paramedics rushed to the victim’s aid, but not before Davies had sunk her teeth into her left hand.

  • arrow_drop_down Bradford, 28 August 2017 - Other

    A HATE-crime investigation has been launched and there will be additional police patrols after "offensive literature" was distributed in a residential area of Manningham.

    The Islamophobic leaflets were posted in Hanover Square, and West Yorkshire Police have now started a thorough investigation into what they have described as a "despicable" crime.

    A racial justice charity has called for calm heads, and asked for both Bradford Council and the police to to take the issue seriously.

    A police spokesman said: “West Yorkshire Police have commenced an investigation following reports of offensive literature being circulated in the Hanover Square area.

    “The incident is being treated as a hate crime and being taken extremely seriously."

    Source: http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/15499604.Hate_crime_investigation_after___39_despicable__39__literature_posted_in_residential_street/.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Not specified.

  • arrow_drop_down Bath, Reading, London , 28 August 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    On the train from Bath Spa to London Paddington. A woman got on the train from Bath Spa, same as us, has been hostile to us (a Chinese couple with a young boy), when we got off at Reading, our boy ran quickly as he is young and has autism, my husband chased him and asked him to stop anxiously. This woman laughed with her woman companion and said "Chinese people" in a derogatory way.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?


  • arrow_drop_down Glasgow, 27 August 2017 - Physical assault, Verbal abuse / insults

    Man pushed onto train tracks in 'racist attack' at station

    The victim, who is Asian, was allegedly assaulted again after getting back on platform.

    A man was shoved onto rail tracks after being racially abused at a train station in Glasgow.

    He was pushed between a train and the platform at Anniesland station around 6.15pm on Sunday.

    British Transport Police (BTP) said officers were looking for a group of two men and one woman.

    After getting back onto the platform, the victim, who is Asian, was then allegedly assaulted and racially abused by a separate man.

    Source: https://stv.tv/news/west-central/1396564-man-pushed-on-to-train-tracks-following-racist-abuse/.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Not specified.

  • arrow_drop_down Newtownards, 23 August 2017 - Damage to property / vandalism

    A pig's head has been placed on the doorstep of an Islamic centre of worship in Newtownards.

    Grafitti was also sprayed on the building at around 11.15pm last night.

    The PSNI say more hate graffitti was sprayed on a property in Castle Street at around 1am, and both incidents are being linked and treated as hate crimes.

    Chief Inspector Hazel Reid said: "At approximately 11:15pm last night it was reported to police that a pig’s head had been placed on the doorstep and graffiti painted on a wall of a building.

    "Shortly after 1am, it was reported that graffiti had also been painted on the wall of a building in the Castle Street area. Both these incidents are being treated as hate crimes."

    Source: http://www.goqradio.com/news/q-radio-local-news/pigs-head-left-at-islamic-worship-centre-in-newtownards-hate-crime/.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Not specified.

  • arrow_drop_down Birmingham, 22 August 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    Shocking footage has emerged of an angry motorist calling a courier a 'f*****g immigrant' during a confrontation.

    The incident was caught on the delivery driver's helmet camera after he confronted the man about stopping in the middle of the road at New Street Station, Birmingham.

    The man, who asked not to be named, said that the motorist had stopped his car in the road after thinking there was a pedestrian crossing ahead.

    According to the delivery driver, being called an immigrant was the last thing he expected to be called.

    He said: 'I come across a lot of situations on a daily basis, but I wasn't expecting this.

    'I am foreign but I've lived in the UK for so long, nearly ten years, and I wasn't expecting that kind of reaction.'

    He added: 'We live in a country with so many different cultures and there are still people living in the stone age. He should be used to it.

    'I lived in America for 17 years and never had someone call me that.'

    Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4814320/Road-rage-driver-hurls-racist-abuse-Deliveroo-courier.html#ixzz4qaliIqg9.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    The victim filmed the incident.

  • arrow_drop_down Blackburn, 17 August 2017 - Physical assault, Verbal abuse / insults

    A RACIST attack on a taxi driver has been described as ‘despicable and unprovoked’ by police.

    Cab driver Jangeer Ahmed, 50, was filmed holding off several attackers as passersby tried to intervene in Blackburn's Witton Park.

    Footage shows two female joggers bravely attempting to intervene but they had to retreat, while one woman can be heard frantically calling the police to report that an Asian cab driver was being attacked.

    The suspect assaulting the driver shouted racist abuse and then urged others to attack the cabbie who manages to fight back, the video appeared to show.

    Source: http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/darwen/15485756.Police_slam_racist_attack_on_a_taxi_driver_as___39_despicable_and_unprovoked__39_/.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Mr Ahmed, who had driven to the park to use its gym, said the group were ‘really aggressive’ and surrounded his black cab.

    He said: “The two ladies stepped in to diffuse the situation but these guys kept coming forward.

    “I would like to thank them and there were others who could see what was going on and were trying to calm things down.”

  • arrow_drop_down Weston-super-Mare, 13 August 2017 - Physical assault, Verbal abuse / insults

    A theme park employee was ‘spat at and racially abused’ in Weston-super-Mare, prompting a police investigation into the incident.

    The 27-year-old female worker told police a child had go onto a ride without paying and when she removed him, a man remonstrated with her.

    The man is accused of swearing and racially abusing the woman, before spitting at her at about 4pm on August 13.

    PC Jonathan Sutherland said: “The lady was left very upset, hurt and stressed by the incident and we have referred her for support from Stand Against Racism and Inequality (SARI)."
    Source: http://www.thewestonmercury.co.uk/news/alleged-racist-abuse-at-funland-in-weston-super-mare-1-5162716.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Not specified.

  • arrow_drop_down Bristol, 12 August 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults, Threats / intimidation

    The owner of a Bristol nail salon has been caught on camera telling a customer to “f**k off” repeatedly after she tried to complain. The man can be seen shouting obscenities at her in front of her child and giving her the finger.

    Jenifar Khan and her husband Yasir went into Star Nails in Horsefair, Broadmead, with their 20-month-old daughter Ariana, on Saturday August 12 so Jenifar could complain about a poor-quality French manicure she had got there two days previously.

    She said: “I politely explained what the issue was and asked if they would kindly do something about it.”

    But rather than apologise or offer her a refund, Jenifar says owner Quang Van Tong launched into a torrent of abuse, brandishing his fist at her husband and making obscene gestures.

    She said the man turned his back on her and her husband and started eating his food. Jenifar’s husband got his phone out to film her nails and the shop and the owner started shouting obscenities at the couple in front of their baby.

    “The man started shouting at the top of his voice in our faces, telling us to f**k off and f**k you constantly, as well as putting his fist near our faces - even though my 20-month-old daughter was right next to us witnessing this.”

    “There were also racist remarks made about Indians as he assumed that was our ethnicity.

    "Not once were we rude or violent because we clearly know what acceptable behaviour is, unlike them.”

    Jenifar, who is of Bangladeshi heritage, said the experience left her upset and scared. She called the police while still in the shop.

    “It left me feeling very upset and it scared and upset my child. I can’t believe he would shout and swear like that in front of my daughter.”

    Jenifar put the video and her experiences online in a Facebook post which was shared over 6,000 times on social media.

    Many of the comments come from women saying they have had similar experiences at the shop but Jenifer has also received racist abuse and threats telling her to stay out of the town centre.

    She said: “I’m frightened if they're saying I can’t go into town.”

    Source: http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/bristol-news/watch-nail-salon-owners-foul-335074.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    The woman’s husband filmed the owner's foul-mouthed rant on his phone and the video has been watched over 500,000 times on social media.

  • arrow_drop_down Worcester, 12 August 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    A DRUNKEN man hurled racist abuse at doormen outside a Worcester bar and accused police of protecting paedophiles when they handcuffed him.

    Richard Kupfer, 26, of Barbourne Road, Worcester, admitted racially aggravated public order when he appeared before magistrates in Worcester on Thursday.

    The section five public order offence took place at Alexander's bar in New Street, Worcester, at 1am on Saturday, August 12.

    Kriss Ewing, prosecuting, said Kupfer directed abuse towards members of the doorstaff standing outside.

    Ms Ewing said: "The area was busy with members of the public enjoying a night out."

    Unemployed Kupfer was warned about his behaviour by a police special constable before they placed him in handcuffs.

    Kupfer branded police 'racist' and swore at the constable, accusing police of protecting child rapists and making offensive reference to the ethnic origins of doorstaff. He made reference to the rape of 'our women' by men of another ethnic group while saying of the police: "You're supposed to protect our country from nonces."

    Source: http://www.worcesternews.co.uk/news/regional/15510531.Drunk_man_hurled_racist_abuse_at_doorstaff/.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Not specified.

  • arrow_drop_down Tonbridge , 08 August 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    Somebody tried to jump my turn in the check out in Tonbridge Sainsbury . When he heard me speaking English with a little of accent, he told me that there were too many bloody foreigners in this country and that I should back to my country. I took his photo so I would never forget this racist man!

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    His wife tried to calm him but nobody else was aware of the incident

  • arrow_drop_down Sunderland, 07 August 2017 - Damage to property / vandalism

    Police are appealing for information after racist graffiti was sprayed on shop shutters in Sunderland.

    The incident happened overnight Monday, August 7, into Tuesday, August 8, at shops in Woolwich Close in Witherwack.

    Source: https://www.sun-fm.com/news/local/2355027/racist-graffiti-sprayed-on-shop-shutters-in-sunderland/.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Not specified.

  • arrow_drop_down Glasgow, 06 August 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    Football fans hurl racist abuse at passengers on train.

    The incident involved eight men who were on a train from Glasgow Queen Street to watch Aberdeen v Hamilton.

    They chanted racial and religious hate songs before leaving the 10.45am service at Aberdeen.

    Source: https://stv.tv/news/north/1395806-football-fans-hurl-racist-abuse-at-passengers-on-train/.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Concerned passengers contacted police after the men became abusive and threatening towards people on Sunday, August 6.

  • arrow_drop_down Magherafelt, 05 August 2017 - Damage to property / vandalism

    Police are treating an attack on a house in a Magherafelt estate as a racist hate crime.

    The window of the living room of the house at Leckagh Drive was smashed and graffiti was sprayed on the wall.

    It happened sometime between 8pm on Saturday night and 9.15am on Sunday morning.

    It's believed the house was occupied by an Eastern European family.

    Source: http://www.goqradio.com/midulster/news/q-radio-local-news/window-broken-and-graffiti-sprayed-in-racist-hate-crime-in-magherafelt/.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Police were called.

  • arrow_drop_down Preston, 02 August 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    Two teenagers are being sought after an allegation of racial abuse on a bus service in Preston.

    Preston Police confirmed they had received reports about the incident on the 6A Gamull Lane service operated by Preston Bus.

    An eyewitness – who reported the matter to the police – described how a teenage girl was called a derogatory name by a teenage boy and girl, because of the colour of her skin.

    Source: http://www.blogpreston.co.uk/2017/08/police-investigate-reports-of-racist-abuse-on-preston-bus-service/.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Not specified.

  • arrow_drop_down Feltham, 01 August 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    A woman has been filmed going on a vile rant at a Muslim man telling him that he should not allow his wife to go out in public wearing a niqab.

    The man started recording after the woman started to harass them as they were at the checkout of the Aldi branch in Feltham, west London.

    The woman starts the tirade by repeatedly saying the word ‘disgusting’ after the husband asks her if she thinks ‘freedom of choice is disgusting?’

    He then tells her that he ‘thinks her attitude is disgusting’ as she responds ‘no’ before telling him that ‘you should not allow your wife to go around like that’.

    The wife begins to interrupt by telling the woman ‘why should he be my boss, he’s not my boss.’

    While remaining calm, the husband says the ranting woman should educate herself but she responds by asking him if he knows the Quran.

    She said: ‘Your supposed to be a peaceful bloody person.’

    The husband tells the woman that she is the one who is speaking with ‘disrespect’.

    She then points at the wife to tell her ‘you shouldn’t be around like that, you look like a bloody pillar box.’

    Sticking up for his wife, the husband says it is her choice to be dressed like that as the woman shouts ‘disgusting, absolutely disgusting’.

    Source: http://metro.co.uk/2017/08/02/aldi-shopper-goes-on-disgusting-rant-telling-muslim-man-not-to-let-wife-wear-niqab-in-public-6822780/#ixzz4oaoSX3LJ.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Another man’s voice, believed to be an Aldi employee, is heard before the footage stops, asking the woman to calm down ‘otherwise you are going to get banned’.

  • arrow_drop_down Walsall, 01 August 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    We were walking in a Arboretum park with our 2 kids and a man verbally abused us. We are Muslim and we were wearing Islamic clothing.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    No one was near enough. He was on a bike.

  • arrow_drop_down Dawlish, 01 August 2017 - Physical assault

    Please see this article http://www.dawlishnewspapers.co.uk/article.cfm?id=104488&headline=Man%20attacked%20with%20iron%20bar%20in%20%27horrible%27%20hate%20crime&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2017

    POLICE are appealing for witnesses after a man was attacked in broad daylight in what is believed to be a hate crime.

    The victim – in his 40s and of Middle Eastern appearance – was set upon by two men who punched and hit him with an iron bar in Dawlish last month.

    The horrific attack took place on the junction of John Nash Drive and Oak Hill on Wednesday, July 19, between 1pm and 1.15pm.

    A police spokesman said: ’It is alleged that one offender got out of a vehicle and started to punch the victim in the face.

    ’The other offender then took an iron bar from the vehicle and started hitting the victim with it.

    ’We believe this was because of the victim’s appearance and loose-speaking English.'

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    I believe people in houses nearby heard and raised alarm.

  • arrow_drop_down Rotherham, 29 July 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    POLICE are hunting for a tweed-wearing racist pensioner who hurled abuse at people in Rotherham Interchange.

    The man made racist comments towards members of the public while waiting for a bus at the Frederick Street station at around 5.15pm on Saturday, July 29.

    A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said the incident was being treated as a hate crime.

    She said the man was around 70 years old, of average build, with dark brown hair and was wearing glasses and a tweed-style suit jacket.

    Source: http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/view,hunt-on-for-racist-bus-station-pensioner_23420.htm.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Not specified.

  • arrow_drop_down Amersham, 26 July 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    A furious drinker who saw his favourite pub being knocked down launched into a hate-filled tirade against foreign builders – telling them to "go back to your country".

    Shocking footage shows the man explode with anger as the Grade II-listed Pheasant Pub in leafy Amersham, Buckinghamshire was demolished to make way for some flats and a nursery.

    The pub had closed down five years earlier by management and sold to property developers, reflecting a trend seen across the UK.

    It prompted the man – later identified as former regular Nick Hobbs-Smith – to subject the builders to a torrent of xenophobic abuse as they carried out demolition work on the site.

    "You come to my country and you f*****g knock my pub down," he can be heard screaming.

    He adds: "Get the f**k back to your own countries, f**k off out of mine. Brexit all the way."

    He goes on to call the builders "scum" as they try to close the gates to the building site, preventing him coming back in.

    But he continues to scream at the workers, shouting: "I'll tell you how many f*****g years I've spent in that pub – more than you know ... you don't give a s***t, I don't give a s***t about your country. Go the f**k back to your country."

    Source: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/go-back-your-own-country-video-shows-drinkers-racist-tirade-builders-knock-down-his-pub-1632483.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Footage of the man's rant was posted on Facebook on Wednesday (26 July) and has since been viewed more than 120,000 times.

  • arrow_drop_down Norwich, 25 July 2017 - Damage to property / vandalism

    ‘I feel like I want to go home’: Norwich Halal butcher describes fear after hate attack.

    A glass door was damaged after a brick was thrown at the Norwich Halal Butcher on Magdalen Street.

    Mohamed Haider, who owns the shop, said: “I feel like I’ve been targeted.

    “I feel scared.

    “I feel like I want to go back home, this is the feeling.”

    Mr Haider, who is originally from Algeria and who has been at the shop for seven years, added: “We work hard. All day working here for the customers and then something like this. It’s not fair.

    “We’re here to help. We’re working hard, we’re part of the community, we’ve been here for a long time.”

    Police have confirmed the attack, which happened at approximately 11.20pm on Tuesday, July 25, was being treated as a hate crime and have urged witnesses to come forward.

    Source: http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/crime/hate-crime-probe-as-brick-thrown-at-norwich-butchers-1-5124116.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Not specified.

  • arrow_drop_down Ayr, 24 July 2017 - Physical assault, Verbal abuse / insults

    A racist showered a takeaway owner with vile abuse – because he didn’t have the food he was looking for.

    James Boyle, 51, admitted racially abusing a worker at the Shere Punjab kebab shop on Ayr’s Main Street on July 24.

    The vile lout also spat at Paramjit Singh, and tried to punch him during his tirade.

    Source: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/ayr-racist-showered-takeaway-worker-11092581.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Not specified.

  • arrow_drop_down Southampton, 19 July 2017 - Physical assault

    Water was thrown over two women standing outside a mosque in an apparent fake acid attack police are treating as racially aggravated assault.

    The women, who were wearing traditional head coverings, were attacked as they waited outside the Bashir Ahmed Masjid in Southampton on Tuesday. CCTV footage shows a black car slowing down next to them before speeding away. The pair react in horror before realising they are unhurt.

    "Today my friend and I were standing outside Bashir Masjid in Portswood, waiting to be picked up when a group of men in a black car drove past us and threw water at us. We are both OK because it was only water, but if they get away with doing stuff like this then it could embolden them to next time use bleach or acid."

    Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/muslim-women-water-attack-racist-assault-southampton-mosque-acid-attacks-bashir-ahmed-masjid-a7848261.html.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?


  • arrow_drop_down Manchester, 16 July 2017 - Damage to property / vandalism

    A mosque in Manchester has been gutted by fire after the third suspected arson attack in three years.

    Detectives have launched an investigation into the suspicious blaze that tore through the Nasfat Islamic Centre, in north-east Manchester, at 11.40pm on Sunday.

    Thirty firefighters were called to tackle the fire, the third to hit the building since 2014, according to a mosque spokesman.

    Monsurat Adebanjo-Aremu, the mosque secretary, said it had previously been targeted by vandals who threw two pigs’ heads inside and urinated outside the building in the past year.

    The suspected arson attack is expected to be treated as a possible hate crime by Greater Manchester police, which says it is taking a zero-tolerance approach following a huge spike in Islamophobic incidents since the Manchester Arena attack.

    Source: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/jul/17/manchester-mosque-left-gutted-after-suspected-arson-attack.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Not specified.

  • arrow_drop_down Stevenage, 12 July 2017 - Verbal abuse / insults

    Nine-year-old boy racially abused by teenagers in Stevenage play park

    At around 1pm on Wednesday, July 12, the boy was in the playground in Featherston Road when a group of four teenagers hurled racist abuse at him from where they were stood outside the playground area. The youths were around 16 years old.

    Herts police hate crime officer Angela Westwood said: “Reports of hate crimes and hate incidents are taken very seriously by the constabulary. This incident caused distress to the boy and others who were in the area at the time. I would like to identify the boys responsible for this incident as they need to understand that it is not acceptable to use this kind of language.”

    Source: http://www.thecomet.net/news/nine-year-old-boy-racially-abused-by-teenagers-in-stevenage-play-park-1-5147511.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    Not specified.

  • arrow_drop_down Ryde, 10 July 2017 - Physical assault, Verbal abuse / insults

    POLICE have confirmed they are investigating an angry and violent confrontation in Ryde High Street - after footage posted online was viewed more than 300,000 times.

    In the clip, posted yesterday, a couple are seen arguing with a younger man, who accuses an older man of racist abuse.

    A woman, gets off her mobility scooter and pursues another man - while she is walking with a crutch.

    He recorded the incident on his phone and posted it on Facebook.

    In a foul-mouthed tirade she accuses him of assaulting her before climbing back into her mobility scooter, scattering High Street shoppers.

    Source: http://www.iwcp.co.uk/news/news/ryde-high-street-confrontation-investigated-by-isle-of-wight-police-315754.aspx.

    Did anyone speak up or offer support?

    A friend started filming the incident on his phone.

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